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DegreeMajor Life and Work Experience Degrees from Online College University Programs

Welcome to Life Experience Degree Online, Fast & Verified.

Employ your knowledge toward a Life Experience Degree with Verification. See it today. Work skills matter.


Real Fast Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate, Based on What you Already Know.

Join the revolution. Apply your knowledge and education toward a complete graduate package. Authentic:  Raised ink thermography diploma, embossed, Official college transcripts, Accredited University ID and more.

Life Experience Bachelors Degree
Buy Doctorate or PhD Degree for Life Experience

You Choose Your University

Exclusive network of universities for your selection. You're in control of your degree, and major, from start to finish. Accredited Online Programs.

Uncompromising Quality

From raised ink print, to official anti-copy sealed college transcripts. Photo ID card, and leather engraved

University diploma cover.

What's in my Graduate Package?

Welcome articles, ID, University folder, recommendations,  official transcripts, degree, certificate of excellence, leather gold engraved cover.

Keyboard and Mouse
Customer Testimonial of accredited Life Experience Degree Delivery

Mel Pence, Boston, MA

You guys really came through for me. I needed a legit undergrad diploma fast, and you delivered. I love it! The look and feel beats all others out there. My experience is justified. I will refer other professionals.

Fast Diploma Certificate Equivalent

How Can You Get a Verifiable Degree on the Basis of Experience?

There are two options: 1. Testing, through "The College Level Exam Program" (CLEP), administered through an accredited University. 2. Buy One Online.


It’s worth mentioning: There's no mention of Work, or Life skills,
on your Life endeavors, University documents.

to traditional “brick-and-mortar” certificates, diplomas and transcripts, they seem the same.
The Fastest University Degrees

Affordable Degrees, All Programs

No testing, no classroom attendance. Based entirely on life skills and experience. The quickest way to buy online diplomas.

Life Experience Associates Degree Fast
Life Experience Masters MBA Diploma Degree

Affordable, USA based company, dedicated to your success and satisfaction. We make differences. Everyday n Life.

Why are Online Accredited Life Experience Degrees so Popular?

Legal loop-holes make it possible for you to get your full college or University parchment in as little as 5 days. With no intensive work, no exams, also, no showing-up. This complete, privately accredited degrees package offers many benefits, experience degrees, may open many doors of opportunity. Professional University names, and, more majors than our competitors, it’s easy to see why DegreeMajor is the leading brand, for online degrees and diplomas issued for life experience.

How Does My Accumulated Life Experience Relate to an Online Accredited College Degree?

Our network of Universities, have many graduates with decades of life-combined skills. From volunteering, parenting, technical, and higher education, to lecturing and self study, therefore, evaluate your learned life, but don't just stop at school-work. Personal affairs and training history are also paramount, and parallel college credits. Let's take, for example, a recent Master's recipient. She applied her twelve years of managing a beauty salon, her involvement in church leadership and a prior learning certificate in accounting and finance. Then, Glorious (her real name), applied for the MBA life experience college university degree, based on previous education, with a concentration in Operations Management. She was awarded this diploma, as a result, of her dedication and life-long skills, however, had she showed interest in an engineering parchment, it wouldn't have materialized. We did receive a wonderful review, that, certainly, she will return for her Experience Based Doctorate PhD Degree.

In Demand, Lucrative Majors for your accredited undergraduate, or graduate

Not all certificate and professional-level education programs are created equal. Liberal Arts diploma programs and Creative Artistic Business degrees are not pulling their weight in 2021. Try, instead, anything technology, health services delivery, and education. The aforementioned definitely "pull their weight, creating thousand of dollars more per year than less desirable Accredited educational in-school, or online and distance learning modules. According to Kiplinger's 25 College Majors that power-up your career, Keep your radar on psychology, economics, and political science - government studies in the near future, as both peace, and crisis need these services. Choose wisely, and the "sky will be the limit," choose the easy way out, and prepare for high interest loan debt, and a certain struggle climbing corporate ladders in your attempt to earn more.

Many Real Schools Still Offer Competency Based Degrees

It's true. Universities like U of Phoenix, Capella, and University of Wisconsin offer flexible degree alternatives to obtaining your college diploma quickly. These programs are tailored toward working adults and families, and leverage your time and money, to speed-up the process. While these opportunities are fruitful, they do cost, and you will have to sacrifice much of your free time, however, if you're a goal driven individual, the benefits in the long-run, are well worth it. If you're considering buying your degree, proceed with caution, it is the fastest way, however, these are not always accredited. For example, this creative write-up highlights the fundamentals of oversights and legalities of a life experience degree. which, everyone should consider, if contemplating "add to cart" for their education. If only it were that simple.

Fast College Certificates, University Transcripts, and Awards you Can Buy Online


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