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What Easy Steps are involved to get my Honorary Doctorate PhD Degree? 

  1. Submit your information, including life experiences.

  2. We will reply with your choices of Universities.

  3. Once complete, you will get a digital copy, fast.

  4. Your Doctorate is shipped to you.


This will depend on your chosen certificate-diploma concentration. for instance, examples are:

  • Honorary PhD Philosophy

  • Doctorate in Theology

  • Doctor of Humane Letters

There are many others, such as Doctor of Divinity, Ministry, Science, Doctorate Management.

Honorary Doctor Degrees: The Middle Ages to Present

The honorary degree was once intended to be granted by a university to its most respected professors and benefactors. A common historical example, is of the University’s founder, receiving the titular doctorate confirmation on the same day as the university’s grand opening.


Historically, Honorary degrees became an established practice in Western Universities during the 16th century. A timeline of history to present, by year and person:

1479 |  Lionel Woodville | University of Oxford, in Oxford, England | First recorded Hon.D. recipient.

1558 | John Boxhall | Secretary of State to Queen Mary

1564 | Thomas Young | Archbishop of York

What do Kanye West, Hillary Clinton, and Mike Tyson all have in common? If you guessed, based on the volume of content here, that they're all fighters, you'd be partially correct. At present, many living celebrities have this honorable distinguished title, including:

  • 2012 | Robert De Niro | Bates College

  • Oprah Winfrey, with four. It's no wonder, with all her sacrifice and contributions.

  • 2013 | Ben Affleck | Brown University

This type of "volunteer Doctorate certificate" was offered to esteemed scholars, such as William Pitt, the Younger, King Charles I, as well as the astronomer Galileo Galilei, the chemist Robert Boyle, the inventor Joseph Priestley, the naturalist Charles Darwin, and the physician Sir William Osler, who was awarded an honorary degree by the University of Toronto in 1928, in short, there are many reasons higher learning institutions bestow this credential.

Celebrities who have received an Honorary Doctorate degree or PhD diploma

Why are Honorary ex officio PhD degrees Important?

A diploma given on the basis of honor, is a tangible symbol of accomplishment, with value beyond the prestige it confers. It’s an investment in the future, and one that will pay off down the road. In this day and age of commercialism and world affairs, an honorary doctorate carries the same amount of value as if you won an Oscar or an Emmy, but is it a real diploma with value? certainly, we should appraise this advancement with merit.

You give your time, energy and expertise for the well-being of others, or for a cause, that could change, for the better, anything. You could be considered a hero. An honorary Doctor certificate is the same thing, it's heroic – a high honor for your contributions to humanity. With years of lectures, self empowerment, public speaking, and mentoring others, your opinion is respected. Your advice is revered. It's easy and fast, in this "get it now" digital age, to buy the degree you've dreamed of. 


It is important to note, however, that unlike an Oscar or an Emmy, the paper award is not the end of the road for those whom make the world a better place, or offer a better life for a person. The doctor will still need to practice for the rest of their life. An honorary doctorate confirmation is recognition of your work and efforts, but it is not the end.

Buy Honorary Certficate Degree for Contributions
How can one Acquire an Honorary Doctoral if they're not popular?

For popular individuals, including celebrities, there are donations that must be made to the granting institution. These funds will typically go to College or facility expenditures and charitable foundations. It is still a strict achievement, honored by accomplishments rather than "in Class study," in contrast, others not so well known, turn to the web to buy one. It's quite popular really. Where else can you get this sort of product, beautifully, quickly, and shipped to your doorstep? An old magazine classified ad? I doubt it. Professionals search the internet, and buy their post-graduate on impulse. They get their long-awaited certificate-parchment within days. 

For those looking for accolades for their decades of skills and

"giving back" to the community and others.

  1. You can buy, and get an exact reproduction from a College of your choice. Get it today.

  2. Buy and Get a Life Experience Celebratory Doctorate, from a private Institution.

In Conclusion: Voluntary PhD Awards Do Have Their Place in Society

Having such an honored PhD Doctor certificate, does not qualify, or allow the recipient to be employed in an expert field in which they have no formal expertise. likewise, without formal training, mentorship or residency in medicine, woodworking, or education, an honorary diploma holder cannot act as a Doctor or Nurse, carpenter or teacher, likewise, most that have attained this title, have been specialists for most of their lives. Most will proclaim "it is an accolade only, nothing more."

However, if you want to be called "Dr. So-and-So" without working for it, ethically and morally, you should not aspire to this. A purchased certification cannot take the place of actual preparation and pedagogy certficate. In contrast, academic honors come from universities, while professional honors come from societies or associations that represent certain professions. Both types of congratulatory degrees recognize your contributions to the field in some way, but the requirements for each vary greatly because they're often determined by just one person instead of an entire organization.

It is of importance, to also note, in order to acquire relevant experience, many are well into their 50s, 60s and more years of age. They are experts in their respective fields, and give so much to others, a diploma alone is never the most thankful advanced award. If you, or someone you know has made great sacrifice, I pause for a moment, and with my own hand, I type a heart-felt gesture of gratitude. 

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