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What is a Work Experience Equivalent Degree?

In today's market, online colleges and universities allow you test out of many entry-level courses. If one is adept, they can receive credits toward their degree. But, in order to be granted this opportunity, you must demonstrate proficiency in the abilities, equivalent to your declared major. They will evaluate things, such as:

  • Occupational skills, and history

  • Professional Certificates, Credentials and Degrees

  • Military and Technical Training

  • Experience, Service and Competency Awards

How Can You Get a College Certificate Equal to Work Skills Within Days?

At DegreeMajor, we've married the evaluation process, with the speed and efficiency of modern demand. Exploiting legal-loopholes which allow you to be granted your university degree within days. No testing, study, or course-work. It's a revolution! From Doctorate Degree Equivalent to Work Experience, to Bachelor and Master 100% equivalent to your experience.

Work Skills Degree Equal to any College Major


Your labor-in-life, and other "hard-earned" experiential, exposure, and encounters with interest based knowledge, translates to 100% credit for your degree. DegreeMajor makes this possible, and affordable. We've given "new Light" to the term "rapid university degrees". In many cases, you could have your digital copies of awards within hours, the same day, and graduate package shipped thereafter.

Tranferable Degrees based on experience

Your expertise and capabilities have qualification equivalence

From distance or convergence learning programs, to in-class study, furthermore, parenting and volunteer services, will be accepted as creditable experience.

Doctorate degree based on occupation and work skills

Does this correspondent award have any equivalent value?

Anything can have value if applied properly. Take, for instance, the joy and sense of accomplished satisfaction one would feel based on their decades of applied sacrifice for work, and learning.

Is this work experience degree equivalent transferable?

Transferable degrees have remained a popular choice when considering future study, and rank-of-professional. Individuals are looking for a regionally accredited institution, which have credits that would be accepted at other colleges and universities. Online programs, such as this one, also, many private schools, such as, Christian and religious education organizations, usually will not satisfy credit or degree transfer, based on their accreditation. In this case, the reason why these types of undergraduate and graduate programs maintain popularity, is that individuals are not seeking to use this to transfer into higher-education. It's a significant choice for those with practical experience, and professions with strong demand. A useful  University article about transferring a degree.

How much working experience is equivalent to a PhD?

Where equivalency is allowed, a Ph.D. DBA, D.Sc. etc. is typically considered 10 years of relevant experiences. This means, that if someone has a Doctoral based on life skills, this would equal 15-20 years of adult training, mentorship, and apprenticeship. By the way, There are several degrees which are equivalent to a PhD but have a different title, such as: Doctor of Science: USA, Japan, South Korea and Egypt, A Doctor of Juridical Science or Jurisprudence are Doctors of the Science of Law in the USA. Fun fact: Chinese for academic Doctorate, or PhD is called bó shì xué wèi.

Why are degrees corresponding to understanding, changing lives?

This non-traditional, non-higher learning university path is helping people around the world. What can be accomplished with your certificate of award, could completely change the course of your career, likewise, your life. Transferable degree programs on the basis of equivalent work experience, are the key to unlocking brighter, more successful endeavors.

Options and opportunities abound for you, regardless of the course of action you choose to take. All that is required is the ambition, and drive to succeed. 2021 is an ever-changing world of work, has an alluring but frightening side to it. You want to make sure that you are equipped to take on the tasks that lie ahead and build a bright future. The best approach is to seek advice from qualified pros who have the work experience and equivalent knowledge.

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