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DegreeMajor FAQs. Find Fast Answers to your Life Experience College Degree Queries

We've answered the most common Experience Degree questions of 2021. If you do not see your question, contact us.

  • What Qualifies as Life Experience?
    Prior job experience in any field, Previous educational achievements. Employer-sponsored training and workshops, parenting, personal goals, hobbies and travel, participation in volunteer activities and community service. Independent reading, viewing, listening, or writing and many other areas of life skills, or endeavors, in general.
  • What are Life Experience Colleges Degrees?
    At DegreeMajor, it's a professionally produced, raised-ink, embossed college degree, based on your life skills, achievement's and overall experience. Many productive, knowledgeable individuals have no formal university education. You may have found it necessary to drop out of college prior to obtaining your degree, while legions of others, find the soaring costs of a traditional education unattainable. Many of these people have acquired an extensive education through life experiences and some have become experts in their respective fields and professions. What is common among many of these individuals (and what frequently limits their personal and professional growth) is the lack of formal educational credentials. However, for most adults returning to the classroom to obtain these credentials is virtually impossible. We fill this gap, providing you with personal satisfaction, recognition for what you have worked so hard for. You may choose to use your college degrees to Advance yourself, provide a sense of accomplishment, secure your current position, solidify a strong foundation for future goals or start your own company. Online Life Experience Degrees. The fastest, most affordable program.
  • Review sites claim DegreeMajor is best. Why is this?
    We believe we are always best. Our life experience degree programs are second to none in document realism. We demand the highest quality for authenticity. We're empowered to help you, and to the extent of our service, our success is measured. All documents are printed similar to traditional University standards. From thermographic methods, to the latest embossment techniques. Your University or College Degrees will be printed on high quality parchment paper. All University seals are embossed (raised-up). We do not use sticker seals like many competitors. Your College transcripts will be printed on Official security paper, using the latest security technology which include "anti-copy technology," watermarks, microtext and dissapearing ink when rubbed. All transcripts include back-printing just like traditional transcripts, they include university legend information and more.
  • Do the Documents menton "Life Experience" or the like?"
    No. There is no mention of Life Skills or Experience on any documents. Your college degree and college transcripts are modeled after genuine articles. In fact, in a side-by-side comparison, it's near impossible to tell which college documents did not take years, and tens of thousand of dollars to attain. Real raised-embossed seals, Official anti-copy transcript paper, GPA legend, accreditation information, and other College/University information on the back of the transcripts (just like traditional school documents.)
  • What College or University can I choose From?
    Once we receive your completed enrollment form, we will forward it to our network of Colleges and/or Universities, which we feel will best meet your specific degree and chosen major. We will notify you which Universities will grant your College Degree package. You can view their website or request more information to make a wise choice. We are under contract with the Universities to not have their names on any of our pages. This ensures their privacy and confidentiality and keeps them safe from bad press online. Many life experience degree sites are plagued with bad press. Never buy from a Life skills College or University with their name on a "sales site" No college or university in our network has a fake, or silly name. They are all registered, contain valid addresses, phone and/or fax number, and maintain a professional web presence. Alternatively, you can buy a fake college degree and transcripts that look real. This is a popular option for anyone who wants a replacement university degree-certificate, or college transcripts with exact details.
  • How Acceptable are Life Experience Degrees?
    Employers are aware of the fact that attending a university classroom is not possible for a significant number of their workforce, yet they recognize the corporate benefits that a career-related degree program can bring to their economic and production environment. Many people use our degree to bridge this gap and propel themselves where the limits to there success are only constrained by their personal potential, not a diploma (or lack thereof). Additionally, the rapid growth of distance learning or convergence education programs, and virtual online classes and seminars offered by accredited, traditional universities, add to the overall appeal of online Accredited College Degrees.
  • What will My Degree Package Contain?
    Your College degree package will contain the following: * Your Professionally Printed, Embossed Degree. Printed on parchment paper. * Your Certificate of Academic Achievement with gold foil seal. * Two Official Sealed Transcripts from the University, sealed in official envelope from the office of the Registrar. * Two Unsealed Transcripts. * Two Letters of Verification. * Your Student ID Card. * Leather, Padded diploma holder, features gold foil embossment & inside silk * Letters From The President * A University document folder * Free shipping * Full support The most professional Fast online life experience degrees program available.
  • Is This College University Program for You?
    Many successful candidates, enrolled in an online life experience degrees program, say that having their College Degree has changed their life. whether an associate, bachelor, graduate or post graduate degree, they report that friends, family and associates have greater professional and personal respect for them. Others report substantially higher earnings which may parallel an increased self esteem, from the satisfaction of self accomplishment. If these benefits appeal to you then the answer may well be yes. This is the perfect opportunity for those whom do not have the time to invest in years of traditional classrooms, they may be at a point in their life when classwork are simply no longer a feasible option. These individuals have many, many years of quality, hands on experience. Many are masters at their craft. Since the dawn of the information age, aided with the innovative technology, we now--all have the opportunity to obtain online college degrees, based on our experience. If you are an accountant, a minister, a business. manager, a consultant, a computer programmer, an administrator, or any one of a whole host of other possible professions, then external degrees may be of tremendous benefit. Many may qualify for dual degrees. From an Associate's, undergraduate program, to a Doctorate PhD Degree for Experience, We offer all levels of accomplishments.
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