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Life Experience Masters Degree Diploma

Master's Degree Based on Life Experience

and Work Equivalence | Choose your Degree & Major

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Get a Masters degree based on life experience

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A minimum of eight years experience of life, work experience for the accredited master's MBA

professional graduate package. Many with no formal education, are Master's in their respective fields.

Participation in, and engagements that are considered.

  • Previous employment, matches desired major

  • Educational achievements

  • Hobbies, Work-shops & Volunteer-ism

  • Military training

  • Religious involvement

  • Independent reading, writing, work-shops

No Mention of Skills or Experience on Master's Degree

 Authentic: Raised ink printing, embossed gold foil seal, official anti-copy transcripts. Official College or University transcripts, and much more.

Buy an MBA degree online


We offer many benefits of a non-traditional accredited online program, self satisfaction for learning, many use their degree's to: Solidify Future Goals & Secure Positions in Various Fields

My Masters experience degree looks awesome
graduate certificate based on life's experiences

Michael Perry, Las Vegas, NV

Quality and Realism. Exceeded my expectations. I've bought from others, no-one comes close in authenticity. Fast, attentive service, and every detail was looked after.

MBA, MA, MSC quickly


In hand, In days, not decades.

With exclusive, open universities that evaluate your life skills and achievements, not only your academics, it's a revolutionary way to attain your graduate certificate quickly. Many recognize the value of life experience and your work skills equivalent. Some also offer  assistance to their present and potential employees. Why? Because some know there is no substitute for life-long, applied experiences. With no books, no testing, or classroom attendance, it's an amazing way to achieve your fast masters MSC, MA.

Get a Master Degree on the Basis of Experience


Graduate Degrees Based on Life

Think you have enough college credits for a Master's based on experience? You're likely right. The Vast areas of life experiences and  accomplishments that qualify for credit are several and various: School, workshops, military, volunteering, independent study and religious participation. We exist to meet the needs of any, in today’s fast paced society, by offering affordability, innovative, and accelerated non-residential accredited programs across several disciplines on an international basis. We also found it essential to offer choices in university-college selection, so that we could match you to the best possible college for both, your skill set and your chosen graduate master program.


Master of Science, math and scientific. Master of Arts: Think-writing, language, dramatics. MBA, business and analytics. M.Th. M.Div. Spiritual based biblical studies.

Online accredited degree based on life experience

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transcripts right away.

what is a masters, graduate degree program like?

Quality & Realism

Gold engraved, embossed, raised text and official

sealed transcripts.

Verifiable degrees at the Master's level

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Master of Divinity degree

Discover a brighter, way to utilize life-skills

We have simplified the online life experience degree process. Simply submit your enrollment form, including all life experience, work skills & education.

We will forward your form to our exclusive network of Universities, send you the names and websites.

pic of information regarding graduate degree with no studying

Now, the choice is yours. View the College or University websites and make an informed decision to receive your professional accredited package from. Just a few easy steps to a Life Experience Master's Degree, complete with sealed transcripts and many more articles.

MBA in Management

life experience Master of Business Administration degree

Master of Science, Psychology

Computer Science Master

are life experience mba's legal?

Master of Divinity

Master of Arts, English

who wants a master degree certificate for what they already know?

In a recent testimonial, a professional individual remarked on her abilities, such as: teaching young learners in church, managing a large information technology team in her work-place, a hectic schedule at home, and aiding in humanitarian efforts. Her husband has both, an MBA, and a Master of Arts in creative writing, to be on an equal playing field, both professionally and domestically, she took the chance to apply her knowledge toward an accredited  life experience Master's. She's glad she did. She certainly affirmed she was a candidate for a certification without education, furthermore, the goals she had in place parallel the degree chosen. She received her Master of Business Administration in Organization and Leadership. She remarked how her life experience degree has changed her outlook, and new, empowering habits have arisen, as a result.


Marius is a forty-eight year old man, with a Master of Arts in Counseling. He wishes to apply for an executive position in the psychology-counseling field, but, in the administration of the business model. He ponders, "should I get an advanced Master degree in psychology, or is it too similar?" He opts for for an award, MBA in Finance, to round out his profile. It's a perfect combination. Total front and back end coverage. The CFO position would be his within a few years. While it wasn't the cheapest accredited life experience award, it was a superlative career move.

Speaking of Career Advancement, and Networking: A graduate certification makes it more simple to transition into upper-level executive positions, such as a leader or organizer. Seventy-two percent of employers have increased their educational standards over the past decade. They simply prefer the knowledge and grit of graduate earners over undergraduate. In many industries, lower certifications of training and education are not considered at all. The benefits and overall value of a graduate parchment, cannot be overstated.

Advancement and more money. Really. In fact, 12k more, per year, than that of Associate and Bachelor holders, which is referenced by Graduate Programs Guide, They report that, in a focused MA, MFA, or MSC discipline, you will be in great demand, and the avenues of success are at your fingertips. Social sciences is seeing a rise in popularity as a major, also. gaining strength, is: English Literature, Civil Engineering, and Organizational Leadership. Still going strong, are: Educational programs, health-care (need we add this?) and Computer Information Systems Technology.

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