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Choose your degree from DegreeMajor

The "One-Stop" for your Spiritual Degree Certificate, Fast.

It's nothing new, really. Buying a Spiritually Based Diploma

for an accolade, adornment, or just to increase your self esteem has been popular long before the internet, do we remember the magazine's, classifieds and even late-night commercials pushing diploma's and certificates?

Filled with Spirituality? Choose your Diploma or Certification Below.

Experience and personal growth are valuable assets. DegreeMajor recognizes this, and with our network of colleges and Universities, we offer Christian-based degrees, as well as holistic, metaphysical, Somantic and other fine parchments, that can be obtained without attending school or taking tests, making your spiritual journey much easier. This is based entirely on your life skills and experience. Connect with us and fulfill your goal today!

Faith-Based, and other Religious Degrees for you.

Traditional spirit filled degree recipient

Divinity Doctorate Degree

For the experience based D.Div. fast, you must possess prior theological education and vast experience in ministry, as well as performing volunteer work and involvement in church or biblical counseling service.

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