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We appreciate your trust, and business.

We have received your enrollment form, and payment information.

Peace of mind. Your card will not be charged at this time, we will only process your payment once you choose

your University.


ENSURE DELIVERY OF IMPORTANT EMAILS: Please look for correspondence from EduNet Services.

Thanks for Reading.

You will receive information on the Universities that have accepted your enrollment form, and choose at that time. Once we process your payment, We will email you a receipt and you will receive proofs, to check for accuracy, within 24 hours. Also, a shipment date will be provided, and once shipped, we will send you a notification with tracking number. We're here if you have any questions.


Your Enrollment & Purchase are in Good Hands. Expect a fast message. We take pride in fast shipment, also, quick answers to your questions, because, your success matters to us.

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